Thursday, September 3, 2009


Kidding, nothing more than kidding,
Backtracking furiously, still trying to pin the feds,
Special sessions and recrimination,
Normal day in this angry nation

Kidding, wo-o-o-o, kidding,
Wo-o-o-o, kid you again, like the good old days

Kidding, nothing more than kidding,
Kidding now the polling is done
Kidding about burying hatchets
Pretending there's no political racket

Kidding, wo-o-o-o, kidding,
Wo-o-o-o, kidding

Wo-o-o-o, fool me once, shame on you,
Fool me can't get fooled again....

(Cue music, repeat & fade)

You may not laugh at the joke as reported in the Telegram, which reads like a piece from Angy Dad; but I'm sure the assembled audience laughed as heartily as they did at his health crack.

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