Saturday, April 4, 2009

Truth Slips

DW admitting he may be out to lunch: "I hope it's not blissful ignorance." Listen for yourself, it's at the 5:35 mark:

VOCM reporting that things are already bad: "Things may be about to go from bad to worse in Labrador West as the Iron Ore Company of Canada has given notice the planned one month shutdown this summer may be extended to 13 weeks."

Minister Dunderdale complaining about her colleagues' incessant shouting and hollering in the Legislature: "I am sorry, Mr. Speaker, I am not absolutely clear on the question. I could not hear her, in the noise of the House."

Minister Wiseman admitting he's out of his depth: "I think, Mr. Speaker, since we have been in government, I think there has been about – I stand to be corrected on this, but since we have been in government this is probably the third, if not the fourth increase we have provided in rates for personal care homes in Newfoundland and Labrador."

Globe article explaining the perils of reckless optimism: "Ultimately, it isn't undue pessimism that is dangerous, but undue optimism. Over the past two decades, undue optimism produced irrational exuberance, housing bubbles and unbridled confidence in the benefits of financial innovation. Undue optimism also encouraged commentators to label anyone who expressed doubts about the trajectory of the global economy or about the dangers of financial innovation as a crank, which served only to discourage healthy skepticism."

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