Friday, April 17, 2009

Odds, Hatchets & Nadirs

Odds are that Barack Obama is going to have a meeting with Hugo Chavez long before DW has a civilized discussion with Harper:

I'm still puzzled by the lack of local media attention to former Foreign Minister Hedderson's remarkable comments in the House of Assembly on April 8th:

MR. HEDDERSON: On the point of meeting with the [Fisheries] minister, I certainly made the minister aware that I was in Ottawa. I did make a request, but obviously she did not see fit to meet with me at that particular time.

MR. HEDDERSON: We have continually asked him [Stockwell Day] to move forward in the position, to take the, I guess, WTO action. It was only last Friday that they indicated that they will. We have asked them constantly for their strategy and have not been given the courtesy of them telling us what their direction is.

Who knew that we could reach such a nadir that the fact that a provincial cabinet minister cannot even get a meeting with the Federal Minister of Fisheries would go largely unnoticed in NL.

Who knew that maintaining even the semblance of a functional federal-provincial relationship would be less likely than the US and Venezuela burying the hatchet after years of tremendous political hostility.

Obama-Chavez Handshake Update:

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