Sunday, February 8, 2009

13 Degrees of Separation

Here are the links in the chain of Danlogic, as reported in MacGregor's story in the Glib:

1. Absolutely every other premier is a coward. He alone (with sidekick Ghiz) has the guts and the virtue to challenge Harpoid.

2. Because of the premiers' cowardly inability to act like Him, the country is fracturing.

3. To save the country, He mounted the noble ABC campaign.

4. ABC was a significant factor in denying Harpoid his majority. This was, in Danspeak, an "elbow."

5. Because of His bravery in confronting Harpoid, He alone was singled out for punishment.

6. Punishment came in the form of changes to the Atlantic Accord that deliberately singled out Him. This was, in Danspeak, a "sledgehammer."

7. Up until this dastardly deed, Everything was going perfectly in Danland. "We've done all the right things fiscally," He says, "and then in one fell swoop 'bang' we're pretty well back where we started."

8. Thus Harpoid alone is responsible for preventing NL from entering the promised land.

9. Thus Harpoid alone is responsible for "kindling" separatism in NL.

10. Because DW doesn't want to separate, he must talk about it, publicly, repeatedly, ominously. He alone among the party leaders (even the Bloc is usually careful to use the term sovereignty) muses openly about separatism. "But that's not where I'm coming from. Separation is not something that is on my agenda under any circumstances."

11. The next elbow in the crusade against Harpoid will be a protest to mark the upcoming 60th anniversary of Confederation. Dangovt will announce changes to the officially-sanction celebrations.

12. The rationale for such a move: "Here we are coming up to that anniversary," Williams says, "and here's what Ottawa has done to us. We have to really, really be careful with that. I don't want that to become a focal point for separation, because that's not what it was intended to be."

13. Therefore, because He does not want this anniversary to turn into a nationalist protest, he is announcing publicly, in Canada`s national newspaper, that it could become a focal point for separation.

Thus the Wingnuts have their marching orders. The countdown is on to April Fools. If separatist wingnuts spoil the celebration, it will not be His fault. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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