Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tely Trouble III

Today we're treated, again, to the Telegram lavishing a huge front-page photo of His Glorious Self with the insipid headline "Williams Drops the Gloves," with a generous heap of direct quotations from Himself, straight to the end of the article. Aside from the annoying habit of using sports analogies, the coverage is as devoid of contextual analysis as it is replete with faux psychodrama.

It's all about His feelings, the fact that He missed His hockey game, the fact that now He is forced to do battle again with the great satan. What we're left with is the sort of ad hominem human interest piece that would do Entertainment Tonight proud. While everyone seems to be bemoaning the decline of newspapers, which are supposedly the bastion of hard investigative journalism, the real analysis is left to the non-polemical blogosphere. As for the bully politics of shifting blame, He may have overplayed his hand this time. It's hard to imagine Iggy voting against Harpo on the budget, so there won't be any more ABC election games for a while. In the meantime, at some point, surely, the melodromatic ranting, macho photo-ops, vapid sports metaphors, and indulgent collective psychosis will no longer be sufficient to cover up the fiscal ponzi scheme.

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