Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MUN Follies II

For someone who didn't issue a press release, Campbell is all over the press this evening.

The CBC came the closest to getting the story straight:

Observation 1: Campbell seems to like his revenge hot rather than cold. He could have given a "no comment," but he spoke to both CBC and VOCM about the controversy. Given the facts that he has still not signed a contract at UNB and has not, evidently, tendered his resignation (the CBC reports that he'll stay on until August), this is not a straightforward exit. While a wave of regret and recrimination hits the airwaves and web sites, Campbell gave this parting shot to Burkie: "The truth is I have no idea what the problem was, none," he said.

Observation 2: Burkie may have been kicked around by the media but she (A) hasn't learned a damn thing, (B) couldn't care less, and (C) is giving grade-A Danprattle. Asked about the crisis, she channeled her esteemed colleague in Health:
Education Minister Joan Burke denied Tuesday that there was any crisis. "I certainly think that we have a very well established university, and we certainly have some very high-calibre people over there," she said. "And you know, it's certainly a lot of people employed there at the university, and the leadership, I think, certainly see us through." That's gotta be in the running for the Danblurp of the month.

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