Sunday, February 8, 2009

Space-Time Continuum

There has been a break in the space-time continuum, as Bond Papers has suggested; but it seems more like 1974 than 1959.

The latest Dancrisis has a "Waiting for Fidel" feel, and, if anyone cared to look, it exposes the underlying impotence of DW. The haircut was a clue, but the pieces didn't fall into place until this morning.

DW loves hockey-speak, so let's look at the score-card: Harpo 1, since he gets his budget and stays in power; Ig 1, since he gets to avoid an election and remains Oppo Dude; DW 0, since he remains, as he so eloquently put it, shafted by a sledgehammer. Final score 2-0.

But that's in real-time. In Dan-time, DW's the winner: DW 2, since he got heaps of attention from the national media, especially the Glib, on top of the usual local fawning; NL MPs 0, since they had to take a double-shaft; Forward and anyone else looking for anything 0, since Dangovt can use the shaft to justify whatever they want; nationalist wingnuts 1, since they now have a new bone to chew, but this goal goes to DW. Final score 3-0.

Like Joey, DW didn't get to see Fidel, but he got to spend a lot of time strutting his stuff, showing who's the cock of the walk, yakking on about whatever came floated into his noggin'. Like Joey in 1974, DW makes little logical headway when he yaks away, but his endless stream of prattle and jock-talk gives the illusion that something real is being accomplished.

Money was never the real principle. Danlogic was, and always will be, personal vanity, media attention, and petty bullying -- which DW got in spades this past week. I'm sure the 8th Floor Psy-Ops crew got to order extra pizza last night. So the solution to our problems is to put DW on a plane to Havana with one of the Stirlings. It's the only way to get us back to 2009.

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