Friday, February 13, 2009

The Non-Story Story, II

It looks like the non-story Romaine story may have traction after all, with the Telegram weighing in this morning:

A sensible enough editorial, but what on earth possessed them to give legitimacy to Wingnut Nation by saying, "One Internet commentator has already sent a letter to Premier Danny Williams likening the non-recognition of the established boundary as "an overt act of aggression" and even "an act of war." I'm sure said internet commentator is mighty pleased with the free press.

The local media have been slow to wake up to the fact that facts matter less than politics and popular memory when it comes to nationalisms and borders.

The Quebec media certainly aren't letting go of this. In today's le Soleil, Michel Corbeil's column weighs in on the border question and, unlike the Tely, links it to the development of the Lower Churchill:

"Des sources québécoises soutiennent que Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador tente de faire obstacle à La Romaine pour préserver les minces chances de lancer son propre projet, la construction d'installations sur le Bas-Churchill, au Labrador."


There is a wire report from the Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador stating that the entire Romaine project lies on Innu territory:

Back to the Future Update:

This Yakabuski article in the Glib certainly shows how little has changed in three years:

"[T]he Hydro Idol finale might not be pretty to watch. Although it will undoubtedly spawn entertaining conspiracy theories on Newfoundland talk shows."

The end might not be here, but the conspiracy theories are already out in full force.

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