Wednesday, February 25, 2009

War Mentalities

Interesting piece in the Globe this morning about how the war mentality towards terrorism erodes human rights.

The same can be said, I think, about the effects of DW's war mentality.

The effects of DW's thuggery -- whether it's his constant invocation of war, hockey fighting, treason, or betrayal -- go much further than simply name-calling.

As Steven Pinker argues in The Stuff of Thought, "There is nothing mere about semantics!"

With DW's latest personal attack (this time it's against a citizen who dared to speak out on the expropriation of AbitibiBowater’s hydro assets), the descent of discourse in NL has taken yet another step.

Nottawa has an excellent post on this topic:

Perhaps Geoff Meeker will revisit this issue, since things have deteriorated significantly since he blogged about it last fall:

Fortuitous Update:

To Meeker's credit, he has revisted the issue, and the results are quite illuminating:

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