Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MUN follies, I

According to VODW and the Tely, Eddy Campbell is thinking about heading to UNB:

Per usual, VODW is misleading: Campbell hasn't accepted UNB's offer. In fact, he is careful to say, as the Tely reports, that he needs to have another meeting with UNB.

The quote is interesting for what it doesn't say:
"While my belief in the strength and potential of Memorial University and our students, staff and faculty remains as strong as ever, I am excited by this new opportunity and eager to explore it further. I will keep you informed as matters progress.”

The documents on the MUN site offer little insight, other than the facts that he was already interviewed and has been selected, but has not, evidently, actually accepted:

It seems incredibly unlikely, after everything that has happened over the past couple of years, that Campbell is deliberately keeping the door open to staying at MUN. But everything about Prezgate has been unlikely, right up to Burkie's fetish for firing Regents via cell phone as they're driving on the trans-Canada to a Board meeting. And, equally important, Campbell has mounted an unsually agressive (and effective) media campaign ever since he was named acting president.

If nothing else, it will be entertaining to watch this one unfold. The flame-outs have already started on the Tely's web site.

VODW also managed some unintentional humour:
"Chair of Memorial University's Board of Regents, Bob Simmonds says the resignation gives greater urgency to their efforts to secure a new President."

Nice to know that Simmonds is on the job.

No doubt the situation is so urgent that Burkie will have to sack a few more regents. Better get that cell phone charged up.

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