Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DW's Excellent European Adventure

Not content with spilling ink in the national media, Dangovt wants to take its special-effects show overseas. Offal News was one of the very few commentators to link to the media story:

And Labradore picked up on some curious semantics:

So let's parse DW's Europrattle:

Executive Council February 20, 2009

NL Expressed Concern with Canada – EU Trade Negotiation Process

While Newfoundland and Labrador fully supports improved trade with the European Union, any actions taken [by whom?] in that regard must address priority areas of concern for the province said the Honourable Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

[It appears that Harpoid has now descended into a Dan-te-style ring of hell where he is now he who shall not be named.]

In particular, the province is extremely hesitant to allow the Federal Government to head these negotiations, given past actions that question their commitment to issues of importance to the province.

[Dangovt has, evidently, usurped the right of the federal government to enter international negotiations.]

"At this point, we are not willing to sign on to support the negotiation of a new and comprehensive economic agreement with the European Union," said Premier Williams. "This decision should not be confused with a lack of support for an improved trade relationship between Canada and Europe. Indeed, Newfoundland and Labrador values and respects its trade relations with Europe which have existed with the province for over 5 centuries and does not wish to jeopardize those relations. From traditional relationships within the fishing industry to our newer partnerships with EU companies in the oil and gas industry and beyond, we appreciate the value of developing mutually beneficial policies with the EU."

[I guess DW's legal dictionary has no entry for non sequitur. Between the first and second sentences, and again between the second and third, DW falls off the logic wagon.

In the first instance, saying that he opposes negotiations for new economic agreements does, in fact, indicate that DW does not support improved trade between Canada and Europe. Since any improved trade between Canada and Europe will, by logical necessity, entail negotiation between the federal government and the governments of Europe, DW's stated opposition to such negotiations is, ipso facto, opposition to improved trade. In the second instance, DW conflates, as he is wont to do, Canada and NL. NL's economy comprises about 2% of Canada's GDP; DW says that he supports Canada-EU trade; ergo, he supports the 98% of the Canadian economy outside NL that sustains that trade.]

The province has centuries-old trading relationships with the EU and is positioned geographically as a natural trading partner to the EU. However, other concerns [other than what?] prevent the province from giving unqualified support [what about qualified support?] for the Canadian Government’s process [nonsensical: policies and processes are not the same thing] as it moves forward on the basis of a joint Canada-EU scoping document [presumably involving a shaft] which describes the opportunities for enhanced trade and investment between the European Union and Canada [another apparent conflation of NL and Canada] and identifies numerous potential areas of discussions for a possible deepened economic agreement.

"The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is unable to support this at this [what, exactly?] time on the basis of very [DW's favourite vapid modifier] genuine concerns that our province’s issues [which ones?] may not be safeguarded or dealt with in an appropriate way by the Federal Government," added Premier Williams. "In particular, long standing issues such as custodial management of our [whose?] fishery, a proposed ban on seal products into the EU and prohibitive tariffs on seafood products entering the EU represent significant issues of concern that have been left unaddressed by the Federal Government for far too long. Newfoundland and Labrador has not received any assurances that a [as yet non-existent] Canada-EU agreement would include protection for measures such as the Atlantic Accords and Fish Inspection Act. Additionally, a track record of a lack of substantive and inclusive consultation on federal-provincial issues gives Newfoundland and Labrador great cause for concern, particularly in light of the far reaching implications of a possible Canada-EU trade agreement."

Premier Williams said he will continue to monitor the progress of this process [by boycotting the process?] and government officials will continue to provide full representation on issues of importance to his province [by boycotting the process].

[Aside from the turgid syntax and lousy grammar, the red sections comprise ignoratio elenchi, aka red herrings, which seem to be the favourite snack on the Eighth Floor. Either that, or DW figures that having so much surplus herring on hand will give him a strong bargaining position with the fish-hungry Europeans.]

For a description of this seafood delicacy, see

Finally, it's fascinating to learn how much Dangovt can accomplish by boycotting things. Perhaps their next step will be to boycott governing altogether.

The Excellent Adventure Continues Update:

Today's (March 7th) Tely has an updated story on DW's foreign policy. It's not available on their web site, but the front-page has the first section:

Prof Puzzled Update:

Guess no one else at MUN would talk.

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