Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conspiracy Theories

From CBC:

"The blame game doesn't work. There's no smoking gun on this — there's no conspiracy," Williams said at news conference Wednesday.

What a bizarre couple of sentences. Just who suggested that there had to be a conspiracy and a smoking gun (typical Danflation; the two are not the same thing) for there to be sufficient reason to sack Wiseman?

Hhhmmm...another Danpuzzle to piece together. Think, think...what other super smart, super popular (must be a fellow landslide winner), leader of the Free World made a similarly bizarre preemptive denial that raised more questions than answers?

Got it:,28804,1859513_1859526,00.html


I got an email suggesting this alternate candidate:,28804,1859513_1859526_1859515,00.html

This would certainly fit with the PG-13 rating of Curious George's cabaret last night.

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