Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Curious George goes off his Bloc

Well, you log off for a few minutes and turn off the TV, and what do you almost miss? The unholy spectacle of Curious George pontificating proudly about the new Bloc NL.

CTV Newsnet just aired a lengthy interview with Mr. Curious, who was sucking up the lavish media attention with such unadulterated pleasure that it bordered on the pornographic.

Perhaps this new Bloc NL is the mysterious conspiracy to which DW referred earlier in the day. I'm sure Wingnut Nation will be lighting up the call-in booth at VODW tonight.

Here's a another conspiracy theory: Curious George's antics serve as a convenient diversion from the actual (as opposed to imagined) crises going on right now in Danland. No wonder Mr. Curious's hair is (almost) as neatly parted as DW's.

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