Thursday, March 26, 2009

Danspeak 9.1

The force is strong with this one, so the obligatory genuflection was unsurprising. But this opening clunker was singularly nonsensical:

"Mr. Speaker, let me also say that, even though he has been criticized by some at times of tough negotiations and tough decisions, our Premier is the one whose strong leadership and bold vision in tough times has helped Newfoundland and Labrador turn the corner at last and step forward with confidence toward a new era of self-reliance. Under his leadership, our team has only just begun."

There is a glitch here, though it's unclear whether it's a technical glitch or a brain cramp. What, precisely, has the team just begun? Has only just

He may have been channeling the Carpenters and, if so, I hope he had the decency to sing that part of the speech:

Danspeak 9.1 is extremely similar to 9.0, as one would expect, though Ranunculus sceleratus Kennedyus is careful not to taste too much of the flavour-of-the-month maritime metaphors. Instead, he mixes concrete with saltwater, trying "to raise to new heights the pillars" of solid foundation analogies, whereas DW is busy sailing the stratosphere's upper latitudes. No doubt this new concrete ship will be launched soon into the North Atlantic.

As DW indicated yesterday, the masters mantra has now evolved. They started out as masters of their own house; then they expanded to become masters of their domain; now they are taking over their own destiny, which is trotted out in the introduction and again in the conclusion.

What's up next year is anyone's guess; it must be hard for the Eighth Floor to keep out-doing themselves every year. Perhaps it will be masters of our own mastery.

Then again, sooner or later someone is going to insist on gender equality. Though it seems to have passed everyone by, master is deeply rooted in patriarchy. What about all the mistresses, missuses, missises, mrs., and ms.?

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