Sunday, March 22, 2009

Narcissism Index

Narcissism is everywhere these days, it seems. It seems to be all the rage in pop psychology, as commentators look for something to blame for the mess we're in:

For those not inclined toward psychology, there is an omnipresent cultural disease out there as well: "Mad at the bankers? Don't be. They are us," proclaims Konrad Yakabuski:

So I was thinking that if narcissism is so popular, then this must explain Harper's web site.

If they are us, and he wants to appear just like us, then appearing narcissistic should get him a landslide -- right?

According to his web site, he's doing well:

Not one, not four, but eight photos of the unphotogenic PM on his homepage. He's got one with the cat, another on the phone, and another with the hard-hats.

And, knowing that you just can't get enough, one of the photos links to a video, while the other links to a photo album. On the photo album page, you'll find fifteen more photos, which (you guessed it) link to more photos, which link to more photos. You get the picture.

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