Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Morning After

You know that feeling. You spent Friday night at the Breezeway, and on Saturday morning you're faced with the grim task of deciding what's real and what's imagined. Did that really happen last night? After a grease fix and a double-double, you decide, Nah, that didn't happen -- there is no way I saw and heard what I thought I saw and heard.

But then you read the Tely. And the dogs of memory bite you with an astonishing ferocity:

When reality mirrors unreality, when surrealism becomes realism, you realize, in a fleeting, lucid moment, why people are driven to drink. Hard to think of a way to parody this parody.

Funniest line of the day (so far) goes to Ig:
Ignatieff shrugged off Tory calls for Baker's expulsion. "That's too ridiculous to discuss," he said.

Yup, too ridiculous to discuss.

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