Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Identity Shaft

What do you expect from Thursday's provincial budget?
1) Have not no more

2) Status quo
3) Maximum shaft

No, it's not the VOCM question of the day. It's today's Tely Poll:

I'm sure the goosed results will be amusing, but here's a question for the Tely: Who is potentially giving whom the maximum shaft?

Since DW has stated publicly that the Blue Shaft is the status quo, we can only assume that this Maximum Shaft refers to someone other than Harper. It wouldn't make sense to have options 2 and 3 refer to the same thing, wouldn't it?

Moreover, since this is a provincial budget, it only follows that the questions would refer to the actions of the provincial government, right?

So is the Tely asking readers whether DW is going to give them the Maximum Shaft?

Whatever the answers are, the poll sounds patriotically incorrect.

Results are in update:

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