Saturday, March 7, 2009

When Smart People Do Stupid Things

As hard as it is to imagine, Harpoid (yes, I just can't help myself) offers as target-rich an environment as his well-coiffed antagonist. We must give thanks that as sure as day follows night, nemesis follows hubris.

DW may think he's that nemesis but, as is so often the case in Canadian politics, truth is stranger than fiction. The truth is that Harpoid is his own worst enemy. He has enjoyed, practically from day one, the most hospitable political environment that any PM has faced since Sir John A. barfed on the stump.

But instead of exploiting his tremendous luck, or even enjoying it for a nano-second, he has repeatedly, inexplicably, and almost maniacally kicked himself in the poll-sensitive parts. The true reasons why Harpoid is so politically deaf may never be known, but I suspect it may have something to do with his Pepsi consumption.

Whatever the cause, this morning's Glib offers a new instalment of Ottawa's favourite game show, When Smart People Do Stupid Things:

Hhhmmm...let's see...just how many ways can we slice this hash? We could start with the constitution and the division of federal-provincial powers clearly enshrined in the BNA Act. We could consider how such an initiative will go down in vote-rich Quebec, for example, or urban Ontario. We could ponder how it will be viewed by the many fence-sitting voters (let's call them Harper Liberals) who fear the cultural jihadists lurking in the Reform wings of the party. And we could reflect on how it confirms widespread fears about the ideological pathology behind Harpoid's infrastructure plan.

But at the end of the day, we're simply left to marvel at the sheer idiocy. I'm sure that some Poindexter in the PMO told Harpoid that this will go over well with the double-double crowd who loathe latte-drinking literature professors. What the PMO doesn't seem to realize is that they have already maxed out on cultural jihadists. They already have the votes of the culture haters and they're not about to lose them to Ig.

So in the spirit of equal treatment for equal stupidity, I encourage you to apply the insights of John Cleese, whose wit suits Harpoid every bit as much as DW and the Sunshine Band:

We should give thanks that Harpoid seems so utterly unable to learn from his mistakes. Now if only Curious George could find another Man with the Yellow Hat to play with.

Told You So Update:
"My research and development includes humanities," Mr. Clement told reporters. What he forgot to say is "My PM is a tactical idiot."

Ah, yes, the fun of watching a news cycle eat its latest offering:

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