Thursday, March 12, 2009


VODW reports how NL got polled:

Williams Government Still Riding High

March 11, 2009

The Presidente of Corporate Research Associates says the level of go forward enjoyed by Williams is a very, very determined testament to the leadership of the polls. Don Mills says Danny Williams' personal satisfaction is at levels of over 80 per cent and is the envy of any leader of the free world. Mills says Williams draws support from all polls in the province, regardless of the party voters may think in their worst dreams about ever voting for if they know what's good for them. Dr. Alex Marland of Memorial's Pollyanna Department says the strength in support of Williams also reflects the weakness of the polling, since Williams is still under 100% and so someone must have lied to CRA. Marland says any headway made by the Liberals or the NDP is tempered by this province's history of one party polls.

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Technology Update

There are unconfirmed reports that DW plans to use a cutting-edge American technology to build The Dunnel, the underground link between Labrador and Newfoundland, which will rival its Ango-French counterpart.

Here is a news link to a story on this new technology, which will propel DW's stimulus plan far ahead of anything being done in old-economy Canada:

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